I got my hairs did

I am nothing if not predictable.  Today I suddenly got it in my head that my hair had to go.  I hate having long hair in the summer, so when it starts getting hot I invariably head  (no pun intended) out to the hairdresser to get scalped for the summer.  I will walk into the hairdresser and point to a picture in a book and the hairdresser will look at me with my long locks and say “are you sure?”  At which point I will remind her (because she doesn’t remember me) “well I did it last year”.  I get as much of my hair as possible cut off during the summer, and then let it grow out over the winter.

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair, it serves a purpose of course, it covers my head, but I am not wedded to a particular style or cut to the point that I have to keep it the same way all the time.  Like today, I went from having long shoulder length locks to a do that my husband calls the “pixie do”.   As I sat in the chair today I felt liberated as the long swatches of hair fell to the linoleum floor of the salon, knowing that I would no longer be plagued by a neck that was matted in sweaty hair.

After I returned to the office a client came in to drop off some paperwork.  She looked at me with a shocked expression and said “you had all your hair cut off!”  I told her that I do it every year, and she was amazed that my hair would grow so long over the course of a year.  That is the way it is, it grows like a weed.  She bemoaned the fact that her hair grew so slowly and I smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

Short hair in the summer, long hair in the winter to keep my neck warm.   It works for me.


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