Lily the Pink

As I mentioned earlier my Asiatic Lilies tend to flower according to color, the Cream ones first, then the custardy Orange, then the pink, then the yellow and finally my beloved polka dot cream and burgundy.

The pink burst into bloom this week and as always they have grown bigger and better with more and more blooms on a single stem.

I cannot say enough for putting Asiatic and Oriental Lilies in your landscape.  They are relatively cheap to begin with, especially if you buy them when they are on clearance, they require zero maintenance, zero care, and zero pandering to their needs and they reliably come back year after year bigger and better than ever.   These are the custardy orange ones I have spoken of before, and this is after many of the flowers have already faded and fallen off the stalk.

Even after the flowers are gone the foliage remains a nice upright accent in the garden and after the foliage dies you know that the bulb is hunkering down in the soil, gaining strength, and getting ready to shoot out of the ground come Spring to bring joy to heart of a winter weary gardener.  Get yourself some lilies.  You won’t regret it.


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