Canna – another plant you cannot kill

The canna have begun to bloom.  Years ago, and I do not remember how many, my neighbor was digging up some Canna from around her enclosed porch.  She offered them to me.  You know how I am about free plants so I gratefully accepted them and laid them carefully in a pile on the lawn until I could figure out where I was going to plant them.  They stayed in that pile on the lawn for a year, in fact, they not only stayed there, they sprouted and bloomed in that pile on the lawn.

The following year we created a patio in the back yard and also created a flower bed between the house and the patio.  In there we planted the Canna, as well as several double fulva daylilies which already existed on our property.  They have thrived happily there ever since and have reliably resisted all invasions of weeds since that time.  I am firmly convinced that if you plant Canna and Daylilies together then weeds simply do not stand a chance.

My research has convinced me that the Canna that my neighbor gave me is King Humbolt, and the Daylilies which I transplanted are Fulva Doubles.  Fulva is also known as the Ditch Daylily, those being the ones that grow reliably in the drainage ditches in Eastern NC.

Combined these two plants are almost indestructible and are a match for any weed that would ever try to compete with them.   If you consider yourself to have a brown thumb then I couldn’t recommend these two plants more.  No matter what you do to them, you will not kill them.


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