When in doubt give it away

I have lemon balm plants coming up all over the place.  In the cracks of the patio pavers, all over the side yard between the patio and the fence, in pots that have sat neglected for a year or so.  Literally everywhere.  Seeing as the DH is going to be mowing everything this weekend I decided to dig up the lemon balm plants and give them away. 

The big plants you see there were yanked up from the cracks in the patio pavers, the smaller ones are the ones dug up from the lawn.  I figured that rather than being mowed down or weedeated into oblivion they would rather be orphans offered to strangers on the street.   We shall see if anyone takes me up on my offer.

UPDATE  This morning when I walked to my car six of the plants were gone.


One thought on “When in doubt give it away

  1. I have lemon balm everywhere too! I planted it 10 years ago in one spot and now it has spread to every corner of the yard. It is growing between the back door steps, in the lawn, in the cracks along the foundation, in all the gardens. We are constantly pulling it – but it sure smells nice when we do. Every time we pull one we say “Ahh, lemony fresh!”. It has to be the best smelling weed in our yard.

    I loved your frog chorus – I wish my yard sounded like that!

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