New Kid on the Block

Last year, as I do, I rescued some poor Asiatic Lilies that were growing out of their bags at the Lowes 75% off summer bulb sale.  I had absolutely nowhere to put them, so in an act of desperation I grabbed an empty planter, threw in some potting soil I had laying around in some pots and planted them in there.  Of course the first year the poor things had spent so much of their energy growing in their bags they had no hope of flowering.  This year however, I hoped that they had stored up some flowers over the winter and would reward me come summer.  I was not disappointed.

This deep, vibrant orange is new for me and I am absolutely loving it.  The bulb put out one bloom and has another bud.  I am hoping that, if I find them a permanent home rather than the planter, it will reward me with many more blooms next year.    That is the thing about gardening, it is always a matter of taking a chance and then waiting for the results.  As one poster at the HGTV Gardening boards always quoted “those who plant a seed in sod and waits to see believes in God”  (or in my case Mother Nature).


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