In further praise of Thrift Stores

I love thrift stores, I always have.  It is not only the bargain hunter in me but also my refusal to wear only what current trends tell me I should wear.   I know what suits me, and I know what doesn’t, and I simply refuse to wear anything that makes me look hideous.

Several years ago there was a fashion for tops that were gathered under the bust and then loose below the gathers.  They tended to make anyone who wore them look pregnant,  no matter what their weight, and I simply could not understand why anyone would wear something that made them look pregnant simply because it was “the style” at the time.  I could go on and on about the utterly ridiculous women’s shoes that seem to be the style right now.  I see young paralegals tottering over to court in towering heels and one inch platforms which push them forward and give the impression that they are about to fall off a cliff.   I am a great proponent of “sensible shoes” these days.

This is one of the great things about shopping in thrift stores.   During the summer I love wearing colorful sleeveless tops and matching sandals.  My favorite colors are coral pink and turquoise, but I have the tops in a rainbow  of colors thanks mainly to the many bag sales which my local Domestic Violence Center  store holds.  Pay $5.00 for a bag and stuff it with as many items of clothing as you can.   I don’t have to worry that turquoise may not in vogue right now because it has been at one point in time and I can be guaranteed to pick up designer tops in my favorite colors.

When it comes to matching sandals with my tops I would be stumped if I tried to shop the traditional route, as colorful sandals appear to be scarce as chickens teeth in the regular retail places.   At thrift stores however you have a never ending supply of colorful sandals, or as I like to call them “bridesmaid’s shoes”.

Someone is always getting married, and someone is always coming up with a new color scheme for her bridesmaids and so there are always pretty sandals in those colors at high end bridal shops.  Invariably the bridesmaids dress will never be worn again and the sandals will be placed at the back of the closet until it comes time to move (every two years in the case of military members around here) and the sandals will end up at the thrift store where I can pick them up for $3.00 a pair or less.   Right now I have sandals in every color imaginable to match my sleeveless tops, the only color that has so far eluded me is yellow.  I got excited last week when I found a pair on the racks at Goodwill but alas they were a size too large.  No matter, I shall continue to scour the thrift stores, eventually a bridesmaid with size 6.5 to 7 feet will be wearing yellow sandals and will eventually donate them.  At that point they will be MINE!   I love the thrill of the hunt.


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