Mother Nature makes me smile

When I was filling up the bird feeders this weekend I noticed a flash of bright color buried in the green of the Liriope and vowed to check it out more closely once I had finished my chores.  Once I returned with my camera I found what was some sort of orgy going on with some jewel-like bugs (please excuse the fuzzy shot)

The best identification I could come up with is Rose Weevil (or Curculio) because the photographs in my identification books do not do justice to the bright red and neon blue color of the bugs.   If anyone else has a better identification than mine I would be grateful to hear it.

I often wonder which of her new hallucinogens Mother Nature was sampling with her Sprites when she was on a creation binge to come up with something like this.


2 thoughts on “Mother Nature makes me smile

    • Thank you so much for your info. It never occurred to me that they were Nymphs as opposed to full grown bugs. The link you gave me positively identifies them as the same. Again thank you so much.

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