The come back kid

Last year my DH decided that he didn’t like the front bed around the gum ball tree (I do not know the name of the tree, other than what a local landscaper called it).  To be honest I don’t much like the bed, it is full of Liriope (or Monkey Grass) which I absolutely hate.  However there are some daylilies in there and years ago I planted a pretty white clematis at the base of the tree in the hope that it would climb up it.  As he does on occasion when something really bothers he decided, in his wisdom, to take his weedeater to everything in the bed.

Within short order of course the Liriope returned, as did the bird food seedlings, as did the daylilies.  This Spring I was delighted to see that not only did the clematis come back after being weedeated to the ground, but she came back bigger and better than ever, with more blooms than she had ever had.

Some times you can’t keep a good girl down.


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