Bottoms Up

I have a Squirrel Feeder.  Obviously this was purchased, placed and filled in an attempt to keep the Squirrels from the bird feeders, which any person who has bird feeders will know, is simply stupid.  You could build a Donald Trump Palace style Squirrel Feeder in your yard, complete with hoppers full of corn, sunflower seed, peanuts and whatever else it is that Squirrels eat right next to your bird feeders and the Squirrels will STILL raid your bird feeders, because, lets be honest, that is what Squirrels do.  It is in their DNA, it doesn’t matter that all the food in the world is right next to the bird feeders they are compelled to steal from the bird feeders.  It is like the food in the bird feeders somehow is sprinkled with magic pixie dust, or meth, whereas the food in the Squirrel feeder is not.

Nevertheless one of the nicest sounds I hear when I am working in the garden at the weekends is the familiar “clap”  of the Squirrel feeder closing after a Squirrel has retrieved a peanut or a sunflower seed from it.

Right now I am about out of critter food (food that is not bird food that is), so to retrieve a peanut or some sunflower seeds the Squirrel has to work at it.

It is really quite funny, and after the diving you hear the familiar “snap” as the top of the feeder closes.  The other funny thing is that the corn “inside” the feeder obviously tastes better than the corn outside the feeder, which is ignored until the corn inside the feeder is gone.  Squirrels are funny.


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