A Strawberry Festival with no strawberries

The first weekend in May is always the Strawberry Festival in Chadbourn, North Carolina.  It is my husband’s school’s “home festival” therefore they have a concert band festival as well as most of the local bands and some out of towners marching in the parade.

This year by the time the festival arrived the strawberries had ripened and were long gone.  Such as happened with the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, there were no blooming Azalea to be found, they had bloomed and faded.  When I arrived at “Encounters” the Friday night get together for the local dignitaries to kick off the Strawberry Festival, after eating the main meal I went on my usual scout for the fresh strawberries.  Sure there was Strawberry Shortcake, there was Strawberry pudding, there was Strawberry pie, but I like my Strawberries the way mother nature intended them to be, gnawed off the stalk, au natural, no powdered sugar, no chocolate, naked.

In years gone by there would be a huge punch bowl filled with the berries next to containers of chocolate and powdered sugar which would be replenished throughout the night.  This year there was a small box, with perhaps half a dozen strawberries remaining in it.  It was not replenished the entire time I was there.

We all think about climate change as a “thing” that is happening, but it is not until you get down to basics that you realize that this kind of stuff is real, in that the Strawberry Festival, usually a time of abundance, is a festival basically without Strawberries.   Do the local populous decided to move it?  And when do they move it to?  Something to think about.


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