The Bodyguard

Whenever I am out in the garden Cueball wants to be with me.  It drives him nuts when I am out front and all he can do is watch me from the living room window.  Recently I have been allowing him out there with me because, unlike Lucky or Judy would have done in the past, he will not wander off.  He feels that it is his mission in life to keep me safe from the monsters, so he will stand guard, watching for said monsters at all times.  Occasionally, when I am doing something that requires a particular amount of concentration and I cannot monitor him at all times, I will put him on the leash, but, for the most part, I just leave the front door open so he can come and go as he pleases.

Such was Saturday, I was working with my container plantings and I opened the front door and let him follow me out.  He sat there on the pathway and observed the neighborhood.  Sniffed the grass.  Scratched his butt on the Azalea.  Snoozed.  If I moved a little too far from him, he would pay attention and check out where I was going.

At that point, Cadbury, wearing Chinese Privet blossoms,  would stir from her favorite spot on the chair on the patio and make sure he was not going to come and bother her.

Occasionally Treacle would come and check out what I was doing, and Ellie Wyatt would come and follow me, attempting to dig up whatever it was that I had just planted, or in some cases, waiting for me to dig a hole and then promptly pooping in it, because I had saved him the trouble.   In between all that of course would be Ms. Peaches, stalking me through the grass and then doing a ninja attack on my head.

Yet Cueball sat, wary eye on all of this, watching.   He doesn’t mind his cats you understand, his cats are cool, however should a strange cat decide to wander across his yard he will go bananas at the living room window in an attempt to get out to it.   In fact he doesn’t mind his Squirrels, or birds for that matter, they are all cool.  But should a strange Cat or Dog wander into his yard all hell breaks loose.   The yard is his domain and Cueball makes sure everyone knows it.


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