Plant rescues are always grateful

I am a sucker for plants that are growing inside their bags when I see them at the store.  It does not matter where they are, it could be they are the good quality plants that are at Lowes in the early spring and sprouting through the tops of the boxes, or it could be the $2.00 plants that languish in a cardboard box at Dollar General.  You might as well present me with a box full of starving kittens and say “they are only $2.00 a piece” and you know damn well that I am going to take them home.

As it always is, this time of the year I will invariably take home a bunch of plants growing in their bags and then wander around the landscape, bags and trowel in hand, looking for somewhere to put them.  This year it was Hosta, Bearded Iris, Dutch Iris, and Dahlia.  I managed to find a place for most of the Dutch Iris and Dahlia but then I came up blank when it came to the Hosta and Bearded Iris.  As it turned out my wanderings around the garden lead me to the circular bed behind the Rose bed and I dutifully dug holes and plonked the plants in there.

This weekend one of those “rescue” plants thanked me with a beautiful bloom.

The Dutch Iris are also blooming

As are the Windflowers (or Anemones as we call them in the UK)

The Hosta have also gone great guns no doubt thankful that their roots are no longer trying to gain holds in a plastic bag but are in rich, nutrient full soil. I just love it when a plant I rescue thanks me by giving back with beauty.


4 thoughts on “Plant rescues are always grateful

  1. You take some very nice pictures. I’m partial to the flowers – lovely irises. I have a rescue – found a bag of iris someone left at the local ballfield. I don’t think mine get enough sun, tho, as they have only bloomed once in the 5 years since the rescue.

    • Perhaps they are planted too deep? I know I have some that I have had for years that are now planted too deeply to bloom. I really must move them but I have yet to find an appropriate spot for them.

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