Ms. Peaches is insane

So this weekend I was working in the front garden and I had the trunk of the car open so I could retrieve various items from it (bird food mainly).

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, warm, balmy, and bathed with gentle breezes.  Most of the cats were taking advantage of the sun, lazing around on the lawn, Lari was on the roof of my car, Pootle lounged on the bonnet.

As I retrieved the last thing I needed from the trunk I went to close it when I noticed that Ms. Peaches was lying on the back seat, of all of the places to sleep on a hot sunny day, she chose the inside of the car.  She really is insane.

While I did not get a shot of her in the back of the car, I took this shot on Sunday.  Look at those eyes, they are always like that, teeny tiny slits.  You just know behind those eyes that she is plotting something dastardly, and in this case she was, shortly after I took that shot she launched herself two feet in the air and attached herself to my thigh.


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