Trash to treasure

This week I spent a few minutes at the Salvation Army thrift store and found a couple of those three tier baskets that originally are for (I think) keeping vegetables in.   As I looked at them, I thought how nice they would be filled with plants and hung from various places in the garden.  I bought them ($1.49 each) and then went to the Dollar Store and bought some coconut liners for them.

This weekend I set about constructing them.  The full size coconut liners were fine for the large basket on the bottom.  In order to line the medium and small baskets I had to cut and jigsaw puzzle the pieces in there but eventually I got it.   I had taken a trip to the Lowes “dead plant section” earlier in the week so I had lots of plants (generally $1.00 or less) to stuff in there.

I tend to have a purple and gold theme going in my containers, in homage to my husbands Alma Mata East Carolina University.  Keeping up with that theme the large basket in the bottom was planted with a purple verbena, surrounded by French marigolds in yellow.  The next tier was purple Petunias, again surrounded with French marigolds.  The last tier was a couple of impatiens, divided from a four inch pot.

I planted them, stuffed them full of potting soil to fill in the gaps and then watered them in thoroughly.  I hung one from a tree limb.

The other one I hung from the center of the Rose Arbor.

I think they look pretty now, and I am hoping that they will thrive and fill in as the season goes on (providing I remember to water them that is).  It is a cheap and easy way to brighten up the landscape if you, like me, are running out of places to put plants in the ground.


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