Pegged It

This afternoon when I was hanging out my laundry I noticed a bee of some description on one of my pegs.  It looked like she was resting, but on further inspection she was very studiously laying eggs on the flat part of the peg.  My knowledge of bees is limited to the honey kind, which of course live in hives.  Was she a newly minted Queen, laying the eggs that will become her workers, who will go on to build her hive?  I have no clue.

The fascinating part however, was that she (or perhaps another bee) had visited that peg before.


The yellow eggs you see here are the ones she was laying today.   I am assuming (because I do not know any better) that the green ones had been laid a little earlier, and the brown ones (hard to see but below the yellow) had been laid earlier still.

I will of course leave the peg alone and no longer use it for hanging out laundry.  I am hoping that at some point I can figure out what these things are and perhaps even see them hatch.


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