Spoiled Rotten

As you all know I am a canny shopper, and I use coupons and store specials to get things for free, and in some cases the store pays me to take stuff off their shelves.  In many of these cases it is dog and cat food because they are a large part of my grocery budget.  In recent months I acquired large amounts of Rachael Ray “Just 6” dog treats, which Food Lion paid me to take out of the store.  In addition I acquired large amounts of “Beggin Strips” fake bacon treats, again because they were on special and I had coupons.

Cueball will not eat either of them.  He completely turns his nose up at the Just 6 treats, and might, at a push eat the begging strips.  I tell him, in my best chiding voice “there are dogs in (insert third world country name here) that would love to eat these things and you are turning your nose up at them” It does no good.

By the same token I have a ton of Wiskers Lickens cat treats that for some reason my cats turn their noses up at.  I also tell my cats “you get the best food, you get the best treats, why are you turning your nose up at these?” They look at me as if to say “you have just placed a pile of vomit in front of me, why do you expect me to eat it”.

I give up.


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