Lazy Sunday afternoon

The great part about a three day weekend is that those pesky chores, which normally eat up the weekend, are usually done by Sunday morning, leaving the rest of Sunday for fun stuff.  In my case it meant that having noticed a fluttering of Butterflies when I hung out the laundry in the morning, I got to grab my camera and go out to do some stalking.

As luck would have it the first shot I got was my favorite of the day, a pair of Eyed Brown butterflies mating.

There were lots of subjects to follow around the garden, certainly more than is usual for this time of year.  I chased this Checkerspot around for hours

By contrast the Coral Banded Hairstreak kept presenting himself (or herself) to me for inspection and I managed to get a shot, despite Cueball the Clodhopper Clomping into the area to check out what I was doing.

In addition to the butterflies the rest of the critter population was out in force.  The male lizards were chasing each other all over the place, staking out their territory, and generally being all big and bad. This one just screamed “look at my awesomeness”

It felt good to sit on the patio, camera in hand, and feel the warmth of the sun on my shoulders, and chill to the sound of the birds and the fountains in my pond.

I noticed a Wolf Spider waiting in the pond, obviously watching for any unwary insect that would come by.

It was fascinating observing how his front legs rested on the water tension.  The longer I sat there, not moving, the birds would venture down to the feeders sneak a few seeds before deciding the idiot with the black box might pounce at any minute and took off.

Eventually I settled down and just drank my tea and enjoyed the peace and quiet, and Cueball, once he decided that he did not have to patrol the garden with me, found himself a cool shady spot among the Lemon Balms and went to sleep, which is how a lazy Sunday should be.



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