There is something very strange going on.

As I have mentioned before several of my supposedly “tender annuals” have survived the winter and are thriving.  I have Verbena that is currently blooming, my Gazania purchased at the “dead plant section” at Lowes for 50 cents survived the winter and are, as we speak, putting on buds, my African daisies, again purchased for 50 cents at Lowes are still green and thriving and I am sure will be blooming this Summer.

The very strange thing though is the butterflies.  This time of year I am used to seeing Cabbage Whites and Spring Azures.  I am NOT used to seeing Silver Spotted Skippers, Swallowtails and Hairstreaks.  In normal circumstances I would not see the Swallowtails until May or so.  I remember one year taking a shot of a Tiger Swallowtail on the Apple Blossom and thinking how strange it was.  The Silver Spotted Skippers almost never show up until the Lantana are blooming in June or July.  The Hairstreaks however NEVER, in my memory have shown up until the Sweet Autumn Clematis are blooming in late August, early September.   It is VERY strange and I have to admit that while I enjoy seeing them, which of course I do, I cannot help but wonder what this early emergence means for their species.

You can talk to me all day long and twice on Sundays about “climate change” being debatable but I know what I see, on a daily basis, something is going on out there, and I know one thing, it cannot be good for the butterflies or our planet.


2 thoughts on “There is something very strange going on.

  1. here in illinois….it skipped spring and we are in I saw a eastern swallowtail.
    in APRIL??????????????
    there are flowers for them, and the bronze fennel is up. but I agree…I am worried.
    it is so very dry here. I look for a severe drought

  2. Deb – the azalea, dogwood and wisteria are blooming right now so there are flowers for them, but it is going to be quite some time until the rest of the flowers get going, normally they do not show up until there is a ton of food with the lantana blooming. I am worried that there is going to be a gap in the flowers and they are not going to be able to get any food.

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