Who Me?

Ellie Wyatt (one of my male cats, yes I know Ellie Wyatt is not a male name but it is a long story and does not bear repeating here) wandered over to the bird cages this evening and sat on the back of the recliner and watched.  I looked over at him, “Ellie Wyatt”  I said in a stern voice “No”.  He looked at me and seemed to imply that he was doing nothing more but sitting on the recliner and minding his own business, so he stretched, yawned (as cats do when they have been “caught”) and wandered over to me.

Shortly thereafter I noticed that he had gone back to the bird cages but now was sat on the window sill (thinking he was out of my sight) where he was observing the birds with an assassins eye.  “Ellie Wyatt!”  I called, whereupon he immediately turned his head towards the display cabinet obviously trying to convince me that he was doing nothing more than admiring the collection of decorative tea pots that are in there. 

It occurs to me, as it often does, that cats, with their obviously superior intellect, honestly believe that humans are stupid, and when they are caught in a clear ruse, they are quite surprised that they have been out foxed by the “stupid upright creature that provides the food”, it never ceases to amaze them that sometimes we know what they are up to.


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