Yellow Peril

It is Spring in North Carolina and unfortunately for many of us in North Carolina that means only one thing.  Pine Pollen.

The Pine Trees are blooming, and as a result they are pumping an inordinate amount of pollen into the air.  It covers everything, cars, buildings, roads, plants, and if you stand still long enough you.   You cannot go outside and breath without breathing the pollen into your nostrils.   The allergies kick in, your nose gets blocked, your eyes gunk up, and as the pollen count gets greater you wake in the morning and your eyelids are literally glued together.

We have been promised rain this week, as of yet we have not seen it.  Still, if rain arrives it will wash all the Pine pollen into the roads in veritable yellow rivers.  This week is not the peak, that is coming next week or so, which will result in the glued up eye lids.  I cannot complain of course, it is simply a fact of nature that trees need to reproduce and they will do what they have to do.

I can guarantee you that I will not be washing my car for a while.

There is no point.


2 thoughts on “Yellow Peril

  1. Hi Britty,
    I checked into Balloon Juice this morning and I thought I’d try the links and clicked on yours. I haven’t been here in awhile since you hadn’t been blogging, and was delighted to find your new site. It’s beautiful.

    I’ve missed your stories and pictures, so I’ll be checking in more frequently. I figured you would be busy with the new season and all.

    Sorry to hear about your losses this last year. I am still grieving for my first pet as an adult, a wonderful cocker spaniel who died last March. It’s been very hard to be without her and i’m beginning to think I might be ready to try again.

    Good luck!

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