When its Spring again, I’ll bring again…

Much to my delight the first of my tulips bloomed this weekend.  A deep red with a black throat.  I am always delighted to see them, as tulips do not do well in this area and while back in blightey they will return year after year, and eventually form large colonies, here in North Carolina they are, as I heard someone describe once, “like chocolate, the pleasure is fleeting”.  Of course the leaves will return for years and years, but I am lucky to see flowers for more than a couple of seasons.

The rest of the hyacinths are now in bloom almost in spite of my inability to get them in the ground before January.  

As is the wisteria that clambers merrily over my roof much to the delight of the bees and other pollinators.

The pretty pink Oxalis that came with the home when I bought it is also in bloom.

I love these so much, and they are easily divided, so I have moved clumps of them to various parts of the garden.

One of the things I love about gardening is that once you find something that works, you can plant it, ignore it, and it will reliably come back year after year.  Two of the stalwarts of my garden are Daylilies and Canna.  Both behave like rampant weeds in this area and constantly provide more and more plants to be moved around and spread about the landscape.  Lemon Balm (a member of the mint family) is another one that I can rely upon to provide me with many, many plants that can be used to fill in blank spots as the season progresses.  Not only does it expand by its root system but it also readily self seeds here.  It is tough as nails, can tolerate pretty much anything (including being walked on on a regular basis which is why I allow it to sprout in the gaps in my patio pavers as it releases a wonderful lemon scent when the leaves are crushed) and it is of course free.

Another of my favorite “freebies” is Autumn Sweet Clematis.  It is wild around here and I have it coming up in various places in my garden.  It also readily self-seeds and I am constantly moving seedlings from the lawn to the base of trees where it can merrily clamber up and scent the air come September when it is a mass of white blossoms and is a favorite of the pollinators out there.  So what is blooming in your neck of the woods?


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