Birds do it, bees do it, even…

Pond Snails apparently.  As I was walking back into the house after hanging out some laundry I noticed quite the orgy going on in the pond.

Pond Snails

Apparently the weekend of March 10/11 is the “all pond snails must mate” weekend because that is when all of the snails in my pond decided to migrate from whatever corner of the pond they were living in and amass in a seething frenzy of sexual abandon close to the surface.   Some of the poor females had three or even four males vying for her attention.

I also discovered that Mother Nature had seen fit to visit me in my moment of battling the slugs misery and grace me with a little helper who has taken up residence in the greenhouse.

He no doubt hunkers down in the gravel during the day, enjoying the warmth in the greenhouse and then after dark he righteously defends my seedlings, gobbling up those pesky slugs like the Toad Warrior that he (or she) is.  Whatever the scenario, I am just glad to have some help in the slug war.

Speaking of seedlings I transferred the lettuce and spinach seedlings out into their permanent beds this weekend.  I am hoping that they will like their new home and quickly become ready to be consumed by my voracious lettuce and spinach eating husband.

By my calculations the price of the pack of seed ($1.00) combined with the price of the container (nothing because I used last years) and the price of the potting soil (nothing because I used last years) will result in me making my investment back the minute I get to harvest the equivalent of 1/3 of a bag of store bought Spring Mix.

I also planted some Raspberry canes and some rhubarb roots which I found growing out of their bags at Big Lots.  Dr. Tom (our local extension agent) tells me that Raspberries do not do well here in this area, however, these poor things, obviously desperately in need of a new home were just calling to me (this attitude and my inability to ignore an abandoned kitten gets me into a great deal of trouble. )

It was a gloriously sunny weekend, warm and windy, perfect for getting laundry dry.  I am reliably informed by the Weather Channel that we are out of the woods when it comes to having any sort of late frost.  Let the games begin!



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