GE’s Ad Campaign

Whatever your political leanings, and whatever your thoughts on corporations I have to say that I am really enjoying the latest series of ads that GE is putting out.   While GE has been somewhat of a political punching bag of late, particularly due to their unfortunate position of not paying anything in corporate taxes, I think their latest series of ads is not only politically savvy but I have to admit they are a feel good snippet of wonderfulness in a sea of worthless “what to do with your millions” ads that tend to fill the airwaves of whatever channels I watch.

The crew who built the jet engine actually getting to watch the jet take off (while one worker wipes a tear from his eye), the workers who build the cancer screening machines getting to meet the cancer survivors, and the appliance factory personnel talking about “there is construction everywhere”.  These ads are not only intelligently done they express a feeling of hopefulness,  a feeling that we are turning the corner, there are better things ahead.




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