Who is a good boy, you are!

I may complain about Cueball chasing the cats about the house, and I may occasionally complain about his flatulence, and I constantly complain about him sometimes peeing in inappropriate places,  but all in all Cueball is a good boy, he really is.  While Judy was alive he was often tempted out of the yard by Judy going on an adventure but generally he was always the first home, headbutting open the front door to get back into the house while Judy was still out roaming the neighborhood.  Since Judy has been gone there has not been one instance that Cueball has left the yard without permission.   Let me make this clear, right now there is a large tree down over the back fence so he could leave the yard any time he pleased, all he has to do is walk along the downed tree and he is out into the wilds of the swamp out back.  He chooses not to do so.

I could leave the front door open for hours and it would not occur to Cueball to walk through the door and go outside without us.  If perhaps the DH goes out to take out the trash he will follow him up the pathway and wait patiently by the trashcan while DH puts away the trash and then will follow him back into the house without even a call of “Come on Cueball”.

When I go out to the greenhouse at the weekends he has a clear escape hatch through to the front yard but he steadfastly will sit right in front of the greenhouse, back towards me, looking out, lest some monster perhaps come and try to attack me while I am tending my seedlings.  He does this even though he knows that I am totally engrossed in the stuff in my greenhouse and if he went out to the front I would probably not even notice for thirty minutes or so that he was gone.  Lucky used to take advantage of this all the time, I would be messing around in the yard and working on something and the next thing I knew Lucky would be half way down the subdivision wiggling his butt at some local children.   Cueball would never do this, as far as Cueball is concerned he has to be in front of me and the world at all times, in Cueball’s mind the world is a dangerous place, and Cueball has decided that the only defense between me and the world is Cueball.

He is a good boy.  He really is.  There are times that I think I do not say this enough.


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