First Year Fatties

At very end of the Spring bulb buying (and planting) season last year I snagged a bunch of bargains from Lowes which were 75% off.  Soon the holidays were upon me and I didn’t get the bulbs into the ground until the middle of January giving me pause that perhaps they would not bloom.

I am glad to say I was wrong and today the first of the First Year Hyacinths bloomed.

This is how hyacinths start out life.  Big, fat, almost top heavy blooms, packed with petals, and of course smelling like heaven.  Strangely enough though the following year there will be fewer individual flowers, and the following year even fewer, until they end up looking more like a stalk of English Bluebells than they do hyacinth.   You can see this from the picture of one of my blue ones along the pathway.

Of course I am not complaining because they do come back year after year and while the amount of individual blooms may diminish the scent never does.

As usual a couple of weeks back I discovered various poor things growing in their plastic bags at the Family Dollar next door to my Food Lion.  This is akin to leaving an orphaned kitten on my doorstep.  I simply cannot resist buying them and taking them home to be nestled into some soil and given the opportunity to thrive.  I picked up some Hosta, some Daylilies, Dahlia, and Dutch Iris.  The Hosta have repaid my kindness with already sending out green shoots, now I just have to cross my fingers that a late frost is not in my future.

The standard daffodils have now faded and their more showy cousins are now in bloom, particularly this pink and white variety which I always find charming.

The other welcome return for the year are the wild violets which I diligently dig out of the lawn and transplant to the pathway bed (or anywhere else I can find to put them).  The first one bloomed today and no doubt they will carpet the bed with their happy faces.

Finally the Carolina Jesamine (funny spelling I know but that is correct) burst into bloom today, just in time to replace the yellow of the fading Forcythia.

The best part about this is that the scent that it releases will fill the street in the evenings and will greet me when I get out of the car for weeks.  I cannot wait.


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