The scent of heaven

The hyacinths I have planted along my front pathway are now all in bloom.  It is funny but reliably the pink ones bloom first, then the blue, then finally the white, and for a short period of time the three colors are in bloom at the same time.

The strange  thing about hyacinths is that they seem to wear themselves out.  They begin with huge robust blooms and after a few years they end up looking like English Bluebells, with blooms that are less dense but nevertheless beautifully fragrant.  When I come home in the evening and walk down the pathway the scent can be almost overwhelming and heady.

The daffodils are also in bloom.  It has become apparent however that some of my large clumps are in dire need of division.  I have had a ton of leaves but few flowers, and in some cases, some of the older clumps have not flowered at all.  It is obvious that a good deal of dividing of bulbs is in my near future.  These ones however were planted more recently and are putting out pretty white and yellow blooms.

The Carolina Jessamine is getting ready to bust into bloom and that is another thing that is capable of scenting the air for miles.  Shortly after that will be the Wisteria at my front door, and then my Oriental Lilies.  I can almost smell them now.


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