Greenhouse Update

The Greenhouse is now at full capacity.  In fact the only way I could get more stuff in there is to add more shelves which I don’t have the ability to do right now seeing as I cannot find the right type of shelving.  The seeds that I sowed almost immediately after the greenhouse was built are now charging along, and today I spent time “pricking out” my lettuce and spinach seedlings that had grown two sets of true leaves into peat pots so they can be placed straight in the ground once the chance of frost has long gone.

If all of the flower seeds that I have planted turn into plants I will be in a world of hurt come true Spring when I will be wandering the landscape a trowel and plants in hand looking for somewhere to put them.

To my delight the Hollyhock seeds that I gathered from last years plants have germinated and seem to be doing well.

There is something so inherently English about Hollyhocks, and thankfully these are the single variety and not the double, which to my mind look remarkably  like the toilet paper carnations that people used to make.  In addition to the Hollyhock seeds which I collected I also collected seeds from some “dead plant” section Stocks which I purchased at Lowes last year.  I am also delighted that the seeds have sprouted and I shall have a nice selection of Stocks to place in the landscape.  Stock is another plant that screams “English Country Garden” and their scent is second to none.

On the edibles front my Fennel seeds have germinated and are doing quite nicely, these are the ones that I am really excited about as I need an inordinate amount of fennel to keep my Black Swallowtail Butterfly caterpillars in food.  As fennel is a perennial in this area I am hoping that these seedlings will keep my boys in food for years to come.

My garden peas are now charging along and I expect the first flowers soon.  This of course will mean that I have to make a trek out to the greenhouse in the morning to open up the door to allow the pollinators in to pollinate the flowers.  There is no point in having flowers if they do not turn into peas.

All in all I am delighted as to how things are progressing.  After an initial battle with slugs basically mowing down all of my seedlings (which was my fault as I allowed the slugs hibernating under the base of plant pots to stay in the greenhouse) I am now seeing the results of my labors and should have a large amount of plants to set out once our last frost date is long gone.  In addition to edibles I will have a large amount of annuals to set out into the landscape and have lots of annuals to place into my containers on the driveway.   Finally I am delighted that my fennel seeds seem to be doing so well.  Fennel plants are so hard to find in this area that I am happy to be able to grow my own caterpillar food which will mean that I no longer have to go on frantic parsley, dill, and cilantro runs to every garden center in four counties to make sure my boys do not starve.  I think it was a good investment.


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