Where have all the standards gone?

Perhaps is that I am getting old (you notice this when all the Policemen seem like teenagers) but it appears to me that standards in polite society seem to have dropped to a level which has become quite startling.  I have noticed for instance in the past couple of years that it is “acceptable” to go to the grocery store in one’s pajamas.  True it is only pajama bottoms but the fact is that some folks think that it is acceptable to go to the grocery store in their pajamas.

Now I have been known to wander to the mail box in the morning to retrieve the paper in my pajamas and a bath robe but the end of my driveway is the line which will not be crossed.  Sure, I may stop and admire my flowers on the way back to the front door, but I would never hop into my car and go and pick up some milk dressed the same way.

I noted this strange phenomena in my head for a time and then I noticed another startling discovery.  People were beginning to wear their pajamas in other places too.  I have to go to court on a regular basis and noticed that people were wearing their pajamas there too.  What kind of a person gets up in the morning and thinks to themselves “hmmmmm I have to go to court for that traffic ticket this morning, what will I wear, oh sod it I will just go in my pajamas”  I mean who does that?  Who actually thinks that going to court in one’s pajamas is acceptable?

Now I have to admit that I wear jeans to work every day, so my standards have obviously fallen from the days when I would wear a dress or at least a smart pair of pants and a nice top.  In my defense I began wearing jeans to work when my boss did it.  I figured what is good for the goose is good for the gander.  However if I have to go to court to actually appear before a Judge with my boss I am always dressed appropriately, and if I am to appear before a Jury, I never fail to wear a suit of some description.  If I appear in Federal Court I ALWAYS wear a skirt suit, (because I am always terrified that Judge Fox will send me to jail if I wear pants).

It seems to me that what is acceptable to be seen out of doors in has gone so far down that it will not be long before we see people in a full set of pajamas and bathrobes in the grocery store.  Twenty years ago my neighbor (Martha) would be out working in her front garden in shorts and a t-shirt.  She would then need to go to Lowes (or wherever) to pick up more plants.  She would go into the house, and get changed into long pants and a blouse to go and get her supplies and then when she returned she would go in the house and change back into her shorts and t-shirt.

I am certainly not advocating the days when a lady would never leave the house without being appropriately attired in a hat AND gloves, but surely we have to set some basic standards for what is acceptable for people to be dressed in, even in such an informal setting as the grocery store.  I remember standing behind a rather large lady in the checkout line once who was wearing white spandex leggings stretched to their limits WITHOUT UNDERWEAR.  That is an image that I still have nightmares about.

Please people, when you look in the mirror as you leave the house think of the people who have to look at you, do a full turn around in front of the mirror and think about the person who is going to be standing behind you in the checkout line.  It is only fair.


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