These are the moments I remember all my life

Christmas is when DH and I get to go on vacation, he is loosed from school and we have a full week free from court.  Generally we choose somewhere where the two of us can walk.   Nature trails, hiking trails you name it.  We generally choose somewhere where we can plan a kick butt New Years Eve and then move on to a National Park that will give us the opportunity to walk some trails.  On this particular year we went to Virginia Beach for New Years eve particularly so that we could visit the Dismal Swamp on the way home.

This shot of DH is one of him charging ahead, him being smart and wearing his hiking boots, whereas I, in a fit of fashion sense as opposed to actual sense, wore a pair of suede boots that of course got soaking wet the minute I sank them down into the snow.  I followed him, as one does, planting my feet in the holes that his boots had trod.   Along the way we saw all sorts of wildlife, most amazing was a group of deer, grazing only inches from us, watching.

By the time we got back to the car my feet were freezing, cold, miserable.  Yet, I remembered that moment of the deer, when a senior Doe looked me straight in the eye and chewed on a leaf, she looked at her children, then looked at me again as if to say ” are you going to bother me?”  “No” I said aloud.  She looked at me again and continued chewing on the leaf. 





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