Titles for life

What is it with the American tradition of bestowing titles for life on people I thought that kind of nonsense was something you people revolted against all those many years ago.     Right now we are watching the clown show that is the Republican primary elections and we are being told that the candidates are Governor Romney, Senator Santorum, Speaker Gingrich, and Senator Paul.  Of those four the only one who actually has claim to that title is Senator Paul.  The rest of them are former office holders who do not have a claim to the title .

I can understand being called “former governor” etc., but this tradition of bestowing these titles for life on people is sort of creepy to me.  I mean I was  Petty Officer in the Woman’s Royal Naval Service, but I do not insist, nor would I expect that people  continue to call me Petty Officer 20 years after I have left the service.

The candidates, as far as I am concerned should be referred to as “former governor Romney” “former senator Santorum”  “former speaker Gingrich” and “Senator Paul”  anything else is utter madness.  You people seriously like to hold on to your faux monarchy long after you claim to have abandoned it.


One thought on “Titles for life

  1. And this from a Brit? The monarchy who taught the world about inherited titles for people who never did squat to earn them? Try again.

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