I have no words

Having grown up in England and only moving to the US in 1991 I find it completely and utterly incomprehensible that the following story was even an issue in 1958.  The most progressive and powerful country in the world still had laws like this on the books in the 50s is just amazing to me.  It is like the US was a different planet back then.


I simply cannot imagine that a Sheriff was allowed to go into a couple’s home and arrest them for the “crime” of marrying someone of the wrong race.  It is sad that there are a great deal of people in this Country to this day that agree with that law.  They are very vocal on the blogs, and very vocal at Town Hall meetings.  The fact that an African American is occupying “The White House” makes them insane.  Just as the Sheriff was insane in the Loving case.  The US has a long way to go.




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