Another good deal at Food Lion NC

I got a catalina print out from Food Lion this week saying for every $25.00 in gift cards you buy you will receive a $5.00 off coupon for a future shopping order this offer lasts until February 14, 2012 with your MVP card.  Sounds like free money to me.  In my case I know that in the next week I am going to be going to Lowes to buy some wild bird food as I am almost out.   I usually spend approximately $50.00-$60.00 on the wild bird food so I bought two $25.00 denomination Lowes gift cards and paid for them in two separate transactions.  Sure enough the catalina machine spit out two separate $5.00 coupons off my next shopping order.  So by this point the $50.00 in gift cards has cost me $40.00.  I will also use a 10% off coupon when I get to the checkout at Lowes and will therefore get about  $55.00 worth of bird food for $40.00 sounds like a plan to me!

The great part about it is that Food Lion has a huge selection of gift cards for a myriad of stores, restaurants and gas stations.  Now I know that my system works I can plan ahead in the next couple of days and “pre-pay” for my husband’s regular daily expenses for the next couple of weeks.  For instance he eats oatmeal and an English Muffin for breakfast at McDonald’s every morning, Food Lion sells McDonald’s gift cards in various denominations so I will get a couple of $25.00 McDonalds cards getting him $50.00 worth of breakfasts for $40.00.  He fills up his car with gas several times a week at the local BP station.  So I will invest in $100.00 worth of BP gift cards, which will net him $100.00 worth of gas for $80.00.

For those of you with regular expenses that you are going to spend money on anyway it is worth checking out.  The banner on Food Lion’s website says “visit store for more details”.  However on the catalina I got one of the pictured gift cards was a generic MasterCard gift card so one would assume that you can buy a MasterCard gift card, get your $5.00 coupon and then use your generic MasterCard gift card on your next shopping trip to buy your next $25.00 Mastercard gift card, getting another coupon (don’t take my word on this I am just running down an interesting rabbit hole here).  If you take it to its logical conclusion it could end up saving you a boat load of money between now and February 14.   As gift cards sell at face value with no tax it doesn’t cost you anything to experiment with the whole thing.  Happy savings!


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