Pizza, Feathers and a Mole

As my mother will no doubt tell you, my house is in a constant state of chaos, thanks to my animals.  Last week was a case in point.  I came home to discover that a) Cueball had stolen a pizza off the counter and spread various bits of it all over the house  and b) one of the cats had caught and dismantled a bird and spread various bits of it all over the house.  I stood at the entrance to the living room and tried to figure out which things on the floor were feathers and which things were black olives that Cueball had helpfully spit out of the pizza in his mouth.

This weekend I was cleaning the living room and kept sniffing and following my nose to try to find the source of a particularly nasty odor.  It smelled for all the world as if something was decomposing in my living room but I could not find the source.  Eventually I moved Cueball’s blanket from the floor and found it.  It was a very dead, and very squashed mole.  I have no doubt that Cueball had nothing to do with catching the mole (that is between me and the cats, after I had a given them a stern talking to) but Cueball had obviously stolen the mole from whichever cat had caught it and stashed it under his blanket and then proceeded to lay on it.

Of course a small squashed mole is nothing compared to the time that my now long gone, beloved dog Sox began bringing a dead deer into the house one leg at a time (obviously carved up by a hunter who was too lazy to take the whole beast home).  My sister was visiting when this was happening and was not happy to sit down on the couch with her morning tea only to discover that she was sitting on a decomposing deer leg.  She was even less happy when I told her that as this was the fourth leg and probably the next bit to be retrieved was more than likely the head.

From half-eaten squirrels, to dead frogs, lizards, mice, and moles, to live possums, live snakes, and in one instance a live chicken there is no telling what my cats and dogs will encounter in the back yard and helpfully bring into the house.  My greatest fear is that Cueball is going to discover an Alligator that has managed to crawl under the fence and think to himself “oooooooh Mum will like that!”




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