If you don’t like the weather (wait a minute).

The weather here in Eastern North Carolina is quite bizarre right now.  In the morning there is a light dust of frost on the ground and there is the need for the car heater on the way to work.  By the afternoon it is in the upper 60s to lower 70s which means I have to turn on the air conditioning on the drive home.   

This situation results in me having a quite impressive stack of jackets at the office.    I will think to myself “oooh it’s chilly out there I will wear a jacket” and said jacket will keep me nice and warm on the drive to work.  Once I get to the office I will invariably put it over my chair or over one of the other chairs in my office if my chair is already in danger of toppling over backwards due to it being jacket heavy.  On the way out of the door in the evening I will invariably forget the jacket as it is nice and warm in the sun and the car will no doubt be like an oven.  This situation continues until one morning I will reach into the closet under the stairs and realize that every jacket I own is now gracing a chair at my office, and as I have forgotten to pre-warm the car I have to sit shivering for a mile or so until the engine warms up. 

Occasionally I will catch sight of the jackets on my way out of the office and be smart enough to gather them up and take them all home, but that only occurs if my eyes happen to alight on them at the precise moment that I am leaving.  Generally what happens is I think to myself “I must take my jackets home” and then the thought goes completely out of my head as I turn off the lights, close the blinds and lock the front door and it does not pop back into my head until some time the next morning when I reach into the empty jacket closet.   It is a frustrating thing to get old.   

When I  think of it, that is another reason to welcome Spring, I won’t have to freeze in the morning and sweat in the afternoon, hot flashes notwithstanding of course, that would be the subject of a whole other post.


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