Free Cat Food at Food Lion NC!

I love it when a plan comes together.   Tonight I got 64 cans of cat food at Food Lion for the princely sum of $.0 in fact Food Lion paid me to take them out of the store.  So here’s the deal, AND YOU MUST HURRY the offer expires on February 7, 2012.  Right now Food Lion is having a special sale whereby if you buy so many of their store brand items you get a coupon at the checkout for so much off your next shopping order.  The rules are as follows:

Buy 4, Save $1.00

Buy 6, Save $1.50

Buy 8, Save $2.00

Buy 10, Save $2.50

Buy 20, Save $5.00

Buy 40 Save $10.00

This is a good deal in and of itself however it gets better.  My local Food Lion has got a TON of stuff on closeout right now, at drastically reduced prices.  They have the small cans of Home360 cat food reduced to 24 cents each.   I loaded up my cart with 64 cans.  When I got to the checkout I broke it up into THREE transactions.  The first 40 cans which cost me $9.60 netted me a coupon for $10.00 a net gain of 40 cents.  The next 20 cans cost me $4.80 and netted me a coupon for $5.00 a net gain of 20 cents.  The next four cans cost me 96 cents and netted me a coupon for $1.00 a net gain of 4 cents for a total profit of 64 cents and I got to keep the cat food!
As I said they have lots of other things on closeout too (many of them their store brand) I got six small containers of Parmesan cheese for 99 cents each and got a coupon for $1.50, making the cheese just 75 cents a container, you can’t beat that. 
My experience in this area is that when Food Lion decides to no longer carry a product then all the stores in the area follow suit (and this has happened in stores as far apart as 100 miles).  I am going to several of my other local stores tomorrow to find out if this is the case.  If so, you can bet I am going to be loading up on cans of cat food and paying for it with the stash of coupons that Food Lion has already supplied me with. 
Just make sure that once you hit the even number limit, you then split any additional items into a separate transaction (to make up the next even number as I did above). 
Hope all of you in Food Lion areas can take advantage of this!  Happy Shopping! 

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