I am now officially dangerous

My DH bought me a greenhouse as a post Christmas gift, mainly because he knows that I get cranky when I cannot garden in the Winter, and also because it was such a steal-of-a-deal in the post Christmas sales at Harbor Freight (especially with a 20% off coupon) that he couldn’t pass it up.   After spending a couple of day over two different weekends trying to figure out the instructions (which had obviously been translated in China from the original Elfin), I finally got it put together and my what a fine greenhouse it is (literally).

Once it was built I quickly set about planting seeds in all of the various containers that I have saved over the years (there are some good things about being a pack rat sometimes).  I reused all of the potting soil from various pots that I had laying around, completely ignoring the advice of those who say “never reuse potting soil” (I suspect this is more a product of the potting soil industry than it is of sound minds).  In short order I had two types of lettuce, arugala (rocket for those reading from the UK), and spinach in.  In my tomato patio pots from last year I sowed more tomatoes.  I sowed beet, dill, fennel, catnip, spearmint and garden peas.  The peas I put in long skinny containers and added some spare tomato cages for them to climb up. 

In addition to veggies and herbs I also planted lots of flowers.  Marigold, Zinnia, Impatiens, Portulaca, Poppy, Stock, Hollyhock, Butterfly Weed and Mexican Sunflower.   This is where the dangerous part comes in.  Normally when it comes to my flower gardens and containers out front I rely upon the “dead plant section” at Lowes.   If all of the seeds I have planted germinate and turn into fully formed bedding plants I will no doubt run out of places to put them and will end up wandering the neighborhood and randomly planting marigolds in the neighbor’s yards. 

In a little over two weeks everything (well almost everything) is rising to the challenge and germination is going great guns.  The lettuce are up

Spinach is up

As are the peas (after an initial battle with the slugs over the seeds)

Most of the flower seeds have germinated and are sending out their first leaves, although I am still waiting for the Mexican Sunflowers and Butterfly Weed. 

It feels so good to wander out into the greenhouse on a grey and overcast day and dig around in the soil, no matter how cold and wet the soil is.  So long as there is a modicum of sunshine, it is doubled while in the confines of the greenhouse.  I would recommend one for anyone who loves to garden.


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