I’m Baaaaaaaack!

Since my old blog host decided to abandon the site last year, I have been very lazy about finding a new host.  Of course the intervening holidays did not help but I now no longer have an excuse.  So here is my new home wordpress.  

I suppose my need to begin blogging again is due to the fact that I can feel Spring in the air.  My forcythia is already blooming  and the first of my hyacinths has poked its chubby head above ground and one single pink bell of a bloom is open. 


  The other bulbs are pushing above ground and it will only be a matter of days before the first daffodils are open. 

It must be an indication of the effects of global warming but, other than a couple of very cold nights, we have not even seen winter this year.    Many plants that in normal circumstances would have died back due to a hard frost are still thriving.  While not in bloom right now (this is an old photo) the cheerful gazanias that I have in the pots by my driveway have over wintered quite well.


While digging under the leaves in some of the beds I found begonias unfrozen and hunkering down for the winter.  African Daisies, considered a tender annual, planted along my pathway are also still thriving.  It has been very strange, and today, as I type it is in the upper 60s almost skirting 70 (which it will be tomorrow). 

I should not complain of course, having suffered with S.A.D. in the past I am quite happy to enjoy these balmy winter days, when on the warmer ones the crickets sing in the evening and the lizards come out during the day to bask in the sun.   Jeremiah, the bullfrog that lives in my pond, can be seen with his nose above the water on the warmer days, he, like the lizards, taking advantage of the sunlight warming his blood.   The birds have appreciated the warmth of course, not having to worry about snow or ice.   To my delight though the Goldfinches came home for the winter, which I was worried they would not do, and can now be seen squabbling over the many feeders in my garden. 

2011 was a strange year, and a sad one as I said goodbye to many of my pets, as we humans are forced to do when we share our lives with those who we are expected to outlive.  I will be posting more news soon, once I get the hang of wordpress.  But welcome to my new home.  I hope you enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaaaaack!

  1. Britty

    Good to see you blogging again. I just moved my RC Radio blog to World Press (w/o the fancy domain option) and I like it so far. Sorry you lost your pets. They are so much a part of our lives. I think there must be an evolutionary trait that bonds humans with animals in a profound and basic way.

    Best regards

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