The destined for the dumpster quiche

Food waste has become a big issue for me, and I am now going to be dedicating most of my blog to advising folks how they can rescue food that would otherwise be destined for the dumpster.  One of the things that I like about my local Piggly Wiggly store is that they regularly heavily discount foods that are looking slightly less for wear or with regards to perishables that are about to go “out of date” i.e., about to hit their “best before” date which in no way means that the food is inedible and needs to be thrown away.

With regards to vegetables they tend to lump the ugly veggies together and sell them off for 75cents, I do not know why they choose 75 cents but they do.  In my case I can usually buy an overripe tomato and an ugly looking green pepper for 75 cents.   Green onions on the other hand tend to be sold off in bundles of five bunches for 79 cents.   I do not know where the produce manager comes up with the numbers but I am happy to pick up the bargains.

Sometime it takes me a while to get to using the veggies, but I know what I can wait a while to use (green peppers and green onions for instance) as opposed to something I need to use almost immediately (an overripe tomato).  Last weekend then I made myself a quiche that comprised almost entirely of ingredients that were destined for the dumpster.


Yeah I know they look ugly but once you start cutting into them there are really nice useable parts of the veggies.

The pepper for instance had the really cool phenomenon of having another pepper growing inside it.


The spring onions continue to grow whether you like it or not so once you have cut off the shriveled and slimy bits you have some really nice green onions.  Pro tip, don’t throw away the roots of green onions, stuff  them in a pot of soil and they will regrow, it works for pretty much all veggies with roots attached.  Other pro tip, don’t throw away seeds of anything, be it tomatoes or green peppers, throw them in a pot and see if they grow.  You have nothing to lose!


I threw in some fresh mushrooms (mushrooms are something that I do not mess with when it comes to freshness) and soon I had a pile of lovely ingredients to throw in my quiche.


I had a nice pile of debris that will go into the compost pile.


The cheese I used to make the quiche was at least a year past its sell by date.  I know that makes people nervous but you have to understand that cheese does not by its very nature “go off” cheese just gets better.  To this end when my local Food Lion actually does reduce cheese nearing its “best by” date I snatch it up and stuff it in the back of my fridge and leave it alone. Good cheese is like good wine, it only gets better with age.  So a mediocre English cheddar which has been allowed to mature 10 months turns into a kick ass fabulously matured cheddar that has been sat in the fridge for a year.  Don’t believe me?  Here is a photo of the cheese that I used to make my quiche.


In case you can’t read it the “expiration date” on that cheese is “5/13/2014″.  Even the eggs I used for the quiche were purchased at Piggly Wiggly for two dozen for 99cents because again they were nearing their “best by” date, which has no relation whatsoever to whether or not something is still fit to eat.

So here is the quiche, in which every ingredient but one including the pie crust, was supposedly past its “best by”  date ( I bought the package at Nicks and Dents)



This fed me for three days, I am still not dead.


24 years ago today

I first laid my eyes upon a man with a really weird haircut, and a strange accent, and incredibly blue eyes.  I fell in love on that day.  Twenty three years later we are still together, unlikely as it seems, considering that  we spent  only six weeks together from meeting to being married.  July 14, 1990 the day that changed my life.

Moon Flowers

One day, a year ago or so, a man turned up at my office and asked if he could clean our windows.  He said he would clean the windows inside and out for $10.00, and he would do it twice a month.  I not only liked the idea that I would not have to clean the windows but I loved the idea of a guy and his wife getting a boots on the ground business started.  I happily accepted and he has been cleaning our windows twice a month since then.

He also shares my passion for gardening and pets and we often discuss both as he is cleaning the windows.  Recently he asked me if I had any Moon Flowers in my garden and I told him no.  I also told him that I knew what they were because I had listened to a local radio station and a man on there announced to everyone that he had Moon Flowers blooming and anyone with a lawn chair and an hour or so was welcome to come out to his yard and watch them blooming.  I was fascinated.  I Googled  it of course and was blown away by the way these flowers bloom.

So Frank my window cleaner said that his Mom had a ton of Moon Flowers in her garden and he would be happy to gift me one.  Last week I came back from court and there was a large pot with a plant in it outside my office door.  I brought it home and put it with the other containers in my driveway and promptly forgot about it.  This morning I noticed that it had bloomed overnight and realized that this evening I had to be out there to see it happening.  Frank had told me that I needed to look for an “Okra looking thing” on the stem, which would then become a bloom.  I noticed one this evening while taking out the trash and went inside to get my Bloggie recorder.  By the time I had got back outside the thing had bloomed.   There was another bud that looked like a likely candidate so I sat there in the driveway with my Bloggie and waited.

I have to say I was blown away.  I had heard about these things but I never thought that they would live up to expectations.  I was completely and utterly wrong.  They really do bloom in front of your eyes in real time.  It is amazing.  I would love to show you my Bloggie video that I took this evening but unfortunately my computer and my Bloggie are having a falling out right now so it is not possible.  I will however link to this, which is exactly what I witnessed this evening.

If you have never witnessed a Moon Flower opening I urge you to do so, it is truly a sight to behold.


Mothers Day

I have always been in awe of my Mum. She was deserted by her philanderer of a husband in the 60s with two kids under five to raise on her own. Her parents had both passed before I was born and therefore she was basically on her own. As I have told before she rented a small two up and two down house (with an outside toilet) until she saved up the princely sum of 5 pounds as a down payment on a house. She was on the Brit equivalent of welfare but still worked 40 hours a week as a cook at the local university cafeteria to be allowed to earn a pittance above her welfare check. (Whatever she was given in welfare was deducted from her paycheck per week, whatever was left she was allowed to keep). Her mortgage was 4 pounds 18 pence a month. She paid 5 pounds in order to get it paid off quicker. We were clothed from thrift stores, I earned money sweeping the front of the local store, we picked left over veggies from the weekend market, and collected left over coal from the trucks turning at the top of the hill.

And you know what? I never went hungry. I never felt that I was not dressed appropriately because Mum had a sewing machine and if hot pants were in fashion then she could make them for me. I remember when crocheted ponchos were in fashion my mum got out her needle and all her bits of spare wool and made me one. It was my own “coat of many colors” that I was so proud of.

Several years ago she sold the house that she put a 5 pounds down payment on for one hundred and sixty five thousand pounds. I’d say she did well for a mill girl from Carnforth.  My Mum rocks!

Flossie is Weird

The pets in my house get treats every morning.  The cats get their evaporated milk (kitty crack as I call it) and the dogs get a bone of some description.  This morning they were both given a split pig’s foot.  Skeeter, as usual, placed his on the last step of the staircase and proceeded to demolish it.  Flossie scooted out of the dog door with hers and I assumed she ate it outside or more likely she had buried it as is her wont.  I was right what Flossie had done (which is just so Flossie), was bury it so that she could dig it up later, then rebury it and so on and so on so she can keep digging it up all day.

She has been in and out of the house periodically with the ever more filthy pigs foot in her mouth.  The first time it had just a light dusting of dirt and leaves on it, the second time it was totally covered in black soil, the third time it was coated with not only the black soil but had a healthy cover of large leaves as well.  I would provide a photo but “someone” ate my camera battery charger.   You have to give it to her, whereas Skeeter only got pleasure out of his bone in the morning, Flossie has had the benefit of it all day.  I liken it to children and Halloween Candy, there is always one that gorges on all the candy all at once and always another one who stashes it away to eat later.  Flossie is the stash it away and eat it later child.  As we speak she has dug it up for I believe the last time and is now eating it, I suppose she figures that she will get a new bone in the morning so she better dispose of this one now.

I have to point out that she not only does this with bones but with pretty much anything I give her.  More often than not when I am left with the last crust of a loaf of bread I will break it in two and give the dogs half each.  Skeeter will eat his immediately, Flossie will inevitably bury hers somewhere.  If she is feeling adventurous she will take it outside, however if she can’t be bothered to do that she will simply turn around and bury it in the cat litter box.  It is not unusual for me to see her carrying around a sawdust covered crust of bread several hours later.  Like I said, she is weird.

The Odds

I had to take my bosses car to the shop today due to an oil leak.  Stevenson Toyota in Jacksonville has possibly the nicest waiting area on the planet.  It has all of the beverages you can ever imagine including hot tea, it has a tv, it has newspapers, it has computers with access to the internet, I mean it is a pleasure to sit and wait for a car to be serviced.

As I sat there and drank my hot tea, and read the newspaper, a young black man with twin 19 month old boys came into the waiting area.  Their names were Abraham and Aaron.  They were dressed identically except for their shoes, Daddy admitted that he cheated with their shoes, Aaron’s had black soles, Abraham’s had white soles.  At one point they both took off at the same time in the opposite directions and immediately “having ones hands full” came to mind.  Daddy knew to chase Abraham first cause he was the trouble maker, Aaron he caught up with afterwards.

Daddy bundled them up into an oversized chair and pulled up some game on his smart phone and the boys giggled with him as they played the game.  Two perfect boys enjoying a precious moment with their Daddy.

At that point my heart broke.  I could not even imagine the fear of Daddy, the absolute terror that his two precious boys were going to either be shot by some asshole with a gun and a superiority complex or they were going to end up in jail for something as simple as pot possession.  I know that he has going to have “the talk” with his precious 19 month old boys about how to react when they are pulled over by the police, I know he is going to have to have the talk about how to react when they are accused of a crime that they did not commit.

I sat there and watched, as a white woman, a joyous daddy and his sons, and my heart broke.  I cannot even imagine how it feels to be the parent of a black son in this country in these current times.  I know for a fact that a white parent does not wake up every day worrying about that.  Something has got to give, and give soon.

The Dead Plant Section

I have mentioned the “dead plant” section at Lowes several times but it is time that I elaborate on this.  At my local Lowes there is a section at the very back of the Garden Center to the left which contains plants that the local nurseries have determined to be lost hopes.  These for the most part are perennials that have already bloomed and are therefore no longer attractive, or annuals that are looking a bit tired and therefore unsellable.  For the most part they are discounted to 50 cents or less.

This is an absolute gold mine for the dedicated gardener, especially when it comes to the perennials that have already bloomed.  Sure they have done their stuff for the year, but that doesn’t mean they are done for their life.  It is also a gold mine for things that are sold as annuals but actually perennialize in your area.  Here in my area Dianthus is a reliable perennial, five out of ten plants come back year after year, even in baskets and containers.  So true with Lantanta, particularly the Ms. Huff (I cannot describe it better than it being a confetti looking flower with pink, yellow, red, and orange petals all on the same flower).   I bought a Ms. Huff lantana about ten years ago, it was a four inch pot, and it cost me 25 cents.  I stuck it in the ground in the circular bed by the side of my patio and it has just exploded into the most magnificent plant I have ever known.

Every year it comes back larger and larger, to the extent that it is now six feet tall and at least six feet wide.  I have to admit that this year, due to our extreme ice storms I thought I had lost it, but sure enough, when I checked the base of the dead stalks there were the shoots, coming up from the frozen earth.  She is again going to be magnificent, feeding every butterfly and humming bird within miles.  All for 25 cents and a tiny bit of work.

I cannot express to you how much I recommend the dead plant section at Lowes.