Flossie is Weird

The pets in my house get treats every morning.  The cats get their evaporated milk (kitty crack as I call it) and the dogs get a bone of some description.  This morning they were both given a split pig’s foot.  Skeeter, as usual, placed his on the last step of the staircase and proceeded to demolish it.  Flossie scooted out of the dog door with hers and I assumed she ate it outside or more likely she had buried it as is her wont.  I was right what Flossie had done (which is just so Flossie), was bury it so that she could dig it up later, then rebury it and so on and so on so she can keep digging it up all day.

She has been in and out of the house periodically with the ever more filthy pigs foot in her mouth.  The first time it had just a light dusting of dirt and leaves on it, the second time it was totally covered in black soil, the third time it was coated with not only the black soil but had a healthy cover of large leaves as well.  I would provide a photo but “someone” ate my camera battery charger.   You have to give it to her, whereas Skeeter only got pleasure out of his bone in the morning, Flossie has had the benefit of it all day.  I liken it to children and Halloween Candy, there is always one that gorges on all the candy all at once and always another one who stashes it away to eat later.  Flossie is the stash it away and eat it later child.  As we speak she has dug it up for I believe the last time and is now eating it, I suppose she figures that she will get a new bone in the morning so she better dispose of this one now.

I have to point out that she not only does this with bones but with pretty much anything I give her.  More often than not when I am left with the last crust of a loaf of bread I will break it in two and give the dogs half each.  Skeeter will eat his immediately, Flossie will inevitably bury hers somewhere.  If she is feeling adventurous she will take it outside, however if she can’t be bothered to do that she will simply turn around and bury it in the cat litter box.  It is not unusual for me to see her carrying around a sawdust covered crust of bread several hours later.  Like I said, she is weird.

Pet Food Savings Alert

We all know how expensive it is to feed our pets (especially multiple pet households like mine), so I wanted to let you know of a great deal going on right now.  Food Lion is having a super sale on their in-store brands.  Basically for every item that you buy you receive a catalina coupon at check out for 25cents off your next shopping order.  This means, for example, that a can of Food Lion brand wet food for cats, normally priced at 40 cents per can takes your final cost down to 15 cents per can.  That is a huge savings!  On their wet food for dogs the price goes from 59 cents per can to a brilliant 34 cents per can.  The sale is going on right now and lasts until October so you will have plenty of time to stock up.  I got my first $4.00 coupon yesterday, which today I put towards buying more cans of cat food and received a coupon for $8.50 on my next shopping order.

Remember the 25 cents applies to each item.  Normally I would buy the multi-packs of the cat and dog wet food as the price per can goes down slightly, however in this scenario you would be crazy to do that as you would only get the 25 cents per multi-pack, not per can.

Of course the deal doesn’t only apply to pet food, but everything in the store, so make sure to look for close out deals that can actually make you money.  Last year during the same type of sale Food Lion had all of their small cans of “gourmet” cat food (Fancy Feast size) on close out for 24 cents per can, so they were paying me 1 cent per can to take the cans out of the store.   You can bet your life that I hit every Food Lion in my county (there are eight of them) in order to take advantage of that deal!

So to conclude, anyone who wants to save a boatload of money on their pet food bills this month, and if you are in the Food Lion area, run don’t walk to stock up on stuff, you’ll be glad you did.

Puppy Update

Flossie is improving daily, although you can now actually see where the snake bit her due to some tissue damage (which the vet is monitoring).  However, with the amount of medications she is on I am sure that there will be no permanent damage. SONY DSC

Skeeter was fixed on Friday and he seems to be recovering nicely and doesn’t appear at all bothered that “something” appears to be missing.  Here he is rocking his blue inflatable collar.


He has managed to get out of it a couple of times, with an able assist from Flossie of course but he seems to like it, and he uses it almost as a portable cushion.  I much prefer these to the e-collars (the cone of shame) as the dog can be much more mobile, in our case it would be impossible for Skeeter to get out of the doggie door with the e-collar on, and he would have a problem eating the dry food from the endless feeder so I am happy to invest the extra couple of bucks for the blow up.  Of course there is no telling how long it will survive.  They both go back to the vets for a follow up in a couple of weeks so we shall see if the vet is happy with the way they are progressing.   In the mean time I will again heartily endorse chunks of stinky brie cheese as a method to get dogs to scarf down multiple pills.  Both Flossie and Skeeter are happily taking their meds every day just so long as they are accompanied by said stinky brie.  I even got them to take their heart worm meds this morning in addition to the others, so I cannot sing its praises more.

Finally I again want to praise Banfield Pet Hospital.  I was always a little concerned that perhaps because they are attached to a “big box” store (Petsmart), that I would receive inferior service from the staff.  I am happy to report that I was completely and utterly wrong.  Both the vets and the vet techs at my local Banfield are utterly charming, efficient and are all obviously animal lovers.  Despite the amount of pet owners that they must see in a single day when I walked in to drop Skeeter off for his surgery on Friday morning the first thing the vet tech asked me was how Flossie was.  She hadn’t even pulled up my records and she knew me and knew my dog.   When I went to pick him up later that day another vet tech told me that “the girls all reported that he had been a total sweetheart all day and had behaved himself wonderfully”.   This was actually was an issue that I was concerned about because on a previous visit he had growled at the vet tech when she had attempted to get a stool sample.

While I truly loved my old vet, when Banfield opened I had pretty much no choice but to try them out because of their incredibly convenient weekend hours.  I simply cannot afford to take time off from work when one of my animals needed to visit the vets, and I am sure there are many more people like me.  Also, with the Flossie emergency I was truly grateful that they were open on a Sunday afternoon and able to see her immediately.  In normal circumstances that trip to the dog version of the ER would have cost me a fortune, thanks to their hours and my wellness plan all it cost me was for her meds.

Flossie Got Bitten by a Copperhead

Initially I was not sure, I was just down in the garden and heard her yelp, jump back and then go running into the house.  I couldn’t see any obvious puncture marks (other than one left by Skeeter in a wrestling match earlier in the day which I already knew about) so I decided to monitor her for any swelling of her face.  Shortly thereafter I noticed blood spots on her muzzle and the left side of her face began to swell so I threw on her leash, called Banfield and tore down the bypass at a reasonable speed :)  Despite the fact that I did not have an appointment thanks to my call ahead the doctors were waiting for her and whisked her away as soon as I arrived.  The very nice vet came out and explained to me that they had her on an IV of steroids and anti histermine and would be monitoring her for the next hour.

I went and did some grocery shopping, knowing that I would not be able to do so on the way home and then went back to the vet to sit and fret.  The charming lady vet again came out and told me that they had located the obvious fang marks on her muzzle and that it had indeed been a snake bite.  She was going to give her one more shot of steroids through the IV and then they would be sending her home with a bag full of prescription medications that would make an 80 year old proud.

This morning I took her back to the vet for a follow up and she was as bouncy and happy as she always is when going on a road trip.  The swelling had completely subsided and the vet was very happy with her progress.  Now I just have to remember to give her a very complicated dosing of pills for the next week or so.

Which reminds me, forget pill pockets, forget hot dogs, I recommend Brie cheese for pill giving for dogs.  Flossie has been happily scarfing down seven pills at a time providing they are stuffed into a nice slice of stinky Brie.

I cannot thank Banfield enough for their weekend hours.   Several years ago both Judy and Lucky were bitten by the same copperhead in the space of one Sunday afternoon and it cost us a fortune at the emergency vet to treat them both.  It set us back financially for months.  Thanks to Banfield’s wellness plans and their flexible weekend hours this time all it cost me was the price of Flossie’s prescriptions.

Flossie Learns a Life Lesson

This morning I let the puppies into the garden and instead of running across the patio and into the garden they stopped short at the edge of the patio.    I walked down to see what had stopped them and I saw this


I ran back into the house to grab my camera when I heard a yelp and Flossie came tearing into the house as if the Devil himself was chasing her. I went outside with the camera and saw that Skeeter was not going to make the same mistake that Flossie obviously had.


I got Skeeter back into the house and checked on Flossie and she seemed to be fine albeit a little spooked.  As the morning wore on it became apparent that the turtle had done a number on Flossie’s jowl.


If the swelling hasn’t gone down by tomorrow afternoon I shall take her to the Vets but I am pretty sure that her pride hurts more than the boo boo.  One thing is for sure, it will be a cold day in hell before she messes with a Snapping Turtle again.


Flossie Update

She has now fully recovered from being spayed.  In fact she thought she was fully recovered the day after and thought nothing of tearing around the garden at top speed which resulted in her getting an infection at the surgery site, which resulted in her having to go on anti-biotics and some heavy duty tranquilizers to keep her calm,  still, all better now and more’s the point, no puppies in her future.  She now weighs 45lbs, and is growing like a weed.  She absolutely adores being out in our huge back garden.  When we are not home she has access to a small patio area and the deck but a gate keeps her from the main area of the back yard.  When I come home at night I let her out into the yard and she does a 100 yard dash and then circles the yard at break neck speed (much as Cueball used to do) until she is exhausted. She also loves chasing the cats but as cats have the ability to climb trees (a trick she will never learn of course), they tend to sit on a branch and torment her for her trouble.  She has also noticed that Mommy carries a black box thing around with her sometimes and points it at her at which point any pose I was trying to get invariably results in this



Eventually though she will tire herself out and find herself a shady spot by the back gate and chill out chewing on a lump of grass.


You will notice the muddy feet,  did I mention that she is particularly adept at finding any wet spot in the yard and paddling through it?  No?  Well she is. She is also getting to know the next door neighbor’s dogs and again much like Cueball she takes great delight in running along the fence line to torment them.    I am sure during the barked introductions Raven and Grecko said to her “what’s your name?” and she responded “Not sure it’s either Flossie Don’t Do That or Flossie No!”

This weekend when I was working in the front garden and she was gazing wistfully at me through the living room window I took pity on her and put her harness on and brought her outside and attached her to an extending lease tied to a tree.  I thought it would be nice for her to be with me while I worked.   It didn’t work as well as planned, first she wrapped her leash around three trees, then she attempted to chew through the leash, then she tried to run away from the leash, and eventually ran so forcefully that she busted completely out of her harness, shattering the clip until she was free of it.  Her foray into the front garden lasted all of 30 minutes until she was corralled and once again looking wistfully out of the living room window.  I think I may have to stick to gardening in the back yard from now on.

One of these days she’ll grow into those ears

Ms. Flossie is at the lanky teenager stage, she has learned to use the doggie door (after trying to follow Harry Potter out of the cat door) and now has a new sense of freedom whereby she can go outside whenever she pleases to frolic on the deck and the back patio.  She cannot get out into the yard as the gate is closed but it does not seem to bother her that she has yet to gain full control over her entire domain.

As she frolics outside I am struck by the fact that she has the most perfect ears, which as any Boxer owner will tell you is quite the feat.  In normal circumstances a boxer will invariably have one ear that goes one way and the other which goes the other.  In other circumstances you will have an ear that will almost always turn itself inside out.  However, in Flossies case she has the most perfect ears.



I have absolutely no idea why any Boxer owner would even think about having those ears clipped.  It seems to me that a Boxers folded ears are the thing that endears them to us, why anyone would think of clipping just completely befuddles me.  I mentioned this to the Vet this past weekend and she agreed with me, if you don’t like a Boxer’s floppy ears, then the answer is simple.  Don’t get a boxer.

If you feel the need to have plastic surgery on your dog without the dogs permission then you really have no business having a dog that you feel requires such surgery.

Edited for clarity:

I understand that docking the tail could be considered plastic surgery, and I certainly hope that the practice is outlawed or discontinued in the future (as it is in the UK), the Vet explained to me that docking a tail causes little or no distress while ear clipping is a painful and potentially dangerous surgery.